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  • Call Us : (415) 723-0699
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Change the World — Foster a Shelter Pet!

In the U.S., millions of pets are euthanized each year. Sadly, most shelter pets are put down. Shelters are just too full. And there is not enough time or space to care for these homeless pets until they are adopted into a new forever home. 
PetGuest is a registry that connects Fosters with Pet Rescues and helps create Intervention Programs at local shelters. Fosters open their homes to help homeless shelter pets. Rescues can then find the pet a forever home. Fewer pets are euthanized and more find loving forever homes. Intervention programs help keep beloved pets in their homes.

REGISTER NOW Join the PetGuest Foster Roster.

How about a cat? A dog? How big? For how long? Other pets? You tell us!

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GET CONNECTED Foster for an approved Rescue.

PetGuest will match you with a Rescue to foster and save the life of a homeless pet. Make a date! Save a life!

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INTERVENTION  Keep 'em home

Help us manage Intervention programs to keep pets at home!

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Donate to build Foster or Intervention Programs!

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Partner to create a Foster Network & Intervention Program!

What's the Scoop?

  • Set up an Intervention program
  • Vet/medical bills assistance
  • Augment fees/fines to return pets home
  • Microchip and collar/ID pets
  • Assist or provide low cost/free spay/neuter clinics
  • Provide training to curb bad behavior
  • Humane euthanasia for suffering pets
Who's on the Poopdeck This Week?
Meet Cherie, who shares some of the joys and fears of fostering. 
Meet Thumping Tails, an all-breed dog rescue in Southern California named after the sound a certain Wilbur, "the best one", used to make.
Our amazing and generous Sponsors keep us going!
Shane's War came to San Bernardino City Shelter and did a week long Pardon in conjunction with the Eastwood Ranch rescue!
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The Stats

Percentages of animals most killed in the shelters.

Chihuahuas 55%
Pitbulls and bully breeds 65%
Feral Cats 51%
Mixed Breed - Large 51%
Mixed Breed - Small 39%

*statistics source